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Parasite Detection and Control

Every Pet deserves to have healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat

Inadequate flea control is an issue that can lead to serious skin problems. Our team are experts at stopping fleas in their tracks using safe and effective flea preventive medications. Besides preventing flea related skin disease, flea control also prevents or reduces incidence of bites on people and other pets and reduces the risk of pets being infected with tapeworms.

Flea prevention begins at home in the environment. There are many “over the counter” or “do it yourself” products available. We have discovered that consulting with your local professional exterminator yields the best and most reliable control of pests.

Big Ridge Veterinary Hospital can also provide care for pets with minor skin illness and severe skin disease as well as consultations on how to maintain healthy skin and coat. Check with your us if your pet is experiencing seasonal skin problems, has a skin injury or received some sort of skin trauma. Skin care is vital to the overall health and happiness of your pet.

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